X-Ray Markers (5/8" L&R) No Initials

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Xray Markers

Xray Markers, also referred to as: anatomical side markers, 1 Pb markers, lead markers, x-ray lead markers, or radiographic film identification markers, are designed to mark x-ray films, both in hospitals and in industrial workplaces (like on aeroplane parts and motors). They’re applied on radiographic images to see an anatomical side of the body, date from the procedure, and can include patients name.

Most Xray markers consist of the right and also a left letter using the radiographer’s initials. There can also be found markers to indicate positioning from the body e. g. supine, or on time when performing procedures like an Intravenous pyelogram.

It really has been suggested that radiographic markers are a possible fomite for harmful bacteria like MRSA, which they ought to clean regularly; this, however, Isn’t always done.

Some Xray markers are created with cartoon pictures or glitter included upon the markers. This style marker, referred to as max markers, indicate right or left side also includes a technologists initials. Most importantly a tacky substance, Handi-Tak is designed to carry these markers towards the X-ray plate during imaging. This Tacky tape ought to clean between uses and discarded when visibly soiled. Read : Radiology Markers

What is X-ray?

X-rays are one of the electromagnetic waves which are lights that we can see. But the wavelength of the X-ray is so small that the frequency of the X-ray is very large and the energy it has is very large. X-rays have long sizes ranging from 0.01 to 10 nanometers with frequencies ranging from 30 mapsHertz to 30 exaHertz and have energy ranging from 120 electrodes to 120 kilos of electroVolt.

How does xray work?

The xray shows the xray as a formation of an orderly triangular pattern such as those produced in the focusing tititk. This provides a good purpose in terms of emphasis on the work of xray radiation outside the tube. But the actual radiation is not like that, in fact the xray is like a visible light.

Spread from source through a straight line that spreads in all directions except stopped by xray absorbent material. For this reason the xray tube is closed in a single metal tube housing capable of stopping most of the xray radiation. Only useful xray are left out of the tube through a window / window.

The useful xray was referred to as the primary file. The ray beam located at the center of the line is called central xray. High voltage generation in the xray tube is required to generate xray files. The electrical circuit is designed so that its kV can be changed in a large range – typically 30 kV to 100 kV- or more. When lower kV is used, the xray has longer wavelengths and is more easily absorbed so-called soft xray. It must be understood that the xray file consists of rays of different wavelengths. The radiation generated in the higher kV range will have greater energy and shorter wavelengths.

Application of xray

The application of xray was first used in the security and guarding sectors. Generally explored on the security of government buildings, malls, hotels, military training environment, apartments, airports, ports etc. therefore the X-ray sensor is helpful in the detection and identification process.

The process of X-ray formation?

In order for X-rays to be formed, the following components are required:
• X-Ray tube
It functions to produce X-rays which is a vacuum tube in which there is a negatively charged cathode that acts as an electron generator and a positively charged Anode that serves as a target of electron firing.
• Source electron (filament)
Filament serves as an electron producer
• High voltage electricity.

The process of X-ray formation:

1. Filament is heated to produce electrons, by passing an electric current on the filament. After the filament is incandescent, the heat of the electrons from the cathode (filament) is released so that the electron clouds form around the filament.
2. Once the electrons are formed on the filaments, the X-ray tube is given a high voltage up to thousands of volts (kilovolt) so that it triggers the electrons to move to the anode.
3. The fired electrons will hit the target and will interact with the atoms of the target. The electron interaction with the target (anode) will cause the formation of heat (99%) and X-ray (1%).

Type of Xray markers


  1. XRay Markers Holdersmarkers holderAvailable in six attractive colors.
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    DetailsXray markers Marker holders and marker keepers. Convenient four-pouch holder for the markers. Handy swivel clip attaches the Marker Holder within your belt, lapel, pockets, etc. Made of durable vinyl having a steel clip. Available in six colors. For use with Elite, Identifier, Personal Touch, Skull, Fish, Arrow, Photo markers and Position Indicator Markers.
  2. Marker Mates Reusable Marker AttachmentGet rid of need for tape.
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    Xray markers  Marker Mates. A reusable sticky strip that you just peel from the protective film and tie in with the rear of your respective x-ray markers. No sticky residue. Get rid of need for tape. May be cut to adjust to custom shapes & sizes. Will adhere to aluminum (Elite style) and polystyrene casing (Identifier style) markers. Marker “Mates” are 1. 5”L x. 75”w, are available in one pack of 2 easy peel “Mates” that could fit all markers. So thin, you are able to hardly see them! One group of “mates” should last you approximately 30 days.
  3. X-Ray Markers (5/8″ L & R)
    Personalized markers are not returnable.
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    These markers can be used with our MARKER HOLDERS.
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    X-Ray lead markers. The L & R are 5/8″ letters. The overall size of the x-ray marker is 1″ x 1 3/4″. X-Ray markers can be personalized with 2-3 initials/numbers.

  4. X-Ray Markers (1/2″ R & L)darkblue
    Personalized x-ray markers are not returnable.
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    X-Ray lead marker 1/2 inch r and l. Our x-ray markers produce crisp sharp images. All of lead x-ray markers are available as x-ray markers with initials or x-ray marker sets with no initials. The R&L lead letter in each marker is 1/2″. The overall size of the marker is 7/8″ x 1 5/8″. Markers can be personalized with 2-3 initials/numbers.;

  5. X-Ray Markers Identifier PlusPersonalized markers are not returnable.
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    X-Ray Markers Identifier Plus


    NEW Identifier style marker that allows two lines of identification. Perfect for the student x-ray tech. One line for your initials and one line to identify a school, department or whatever else you need. These markers are manufactured with a high impact polystyrene casing.

  6. X-Ray Markers (5/8″ L&R) No Initials 



    X-Ray Markers (5/8" L&R) No InitialsOur Personal Touch line of lead free markers with no initials available as a blue & red color coded set. The R&L lead letter in each marker is 5/8″. The overall size of the marker is 1″ x 1 3/4″.