Romantic Word and What Is It?

What is romantic ?? Romantic is a flow of art that puts the human feeling as the most dominant element. And because love is the most interesting feeling, then the term romantic experiencing a meaning that always connects romantic attribution associated with love.

It is true, because kata kata cintaevery art stream uses the basic elements of love. However, romantic is more familiar with one’s romance relationship. The preferential treatment of loved ones is romantic.

The romantic definition of a relationship for each person is different. Some say getting flowers and poetry from the girlfriend can be said romantic. There is also invited candlelight dinner by the girlfriend every night of the week is a romantic thing.

However, there is also a saying rain-rain together with her boyfriend and then shelter in front of a store that has been closed and just both alone while waiting for the rain to stop it is a romantic thing. For me, romantic relationships are everything each couple does based on a genuine love that is romantic.

Like my boyfriend at valentine last year we were heading for my campus to re-register as a freshman, well all the way to the campus a lot of flower traders found, because that day is a valentine day. Me and boyfriend do not celebrate valentine’s day, because there is no bdanya with other day.

After all, I still go to school, boyfriend also lecture. Suddenly I asked “Hunn, want flowers not? A lot of people who sell flowers want to buy one for you, but you want to? Do you like flowers?” “You’re tuh tuh weird, if emang want to love me flowers ya already wrote aja not need to ask.

Kayak people so you know, if you want to love the flower kepacarnya directly tuh romantic! “I said surprised by the question of girlfriend. Why not directly love ?? Want to like flowers or not, but if it’s a gift from a loving girlfriend. “Well if you do not like the flowers say I already bought flowers.

Wasted! “He said “Yee stingy is just a flower doank. Bizarre guy! “I say, annoyed. “So basically you want to hunn ??? if I want to move ne ne to buy flowers!” He said innocently. “Want deh … hehehehe :)” I said timidly. Why do not you want to try? He never love me flowers because he thinks dear if have to buy flowers, mending buy food or something more useful than flowers that tomorrow also withered.

Bener also hell, but it’s an occasional loss. He said love and affection, but really just a flower one stalk is stingy anyway ??? Finally my boyfriend pulled over his car to one of the roadside merchants. “Mom, one dunk flower. How much does it cost ?? “he asked “10 thousand mas, which one?” Said the florist “Hunn, what color do you want? Pink, white or red?” My boyfriend asked “Yaampun dear, just asked what interest is not now asked what color will be.


Why do not I have my own initiative for love and flowers choose colors? “I said geregetan “Yaa .. than I am choosing mending you choose yourself” he said made me smile. “If you know I know, you know what color dunk I like!” I say all the test. “Bu pink y” he said to the florist after guessing which flowers I like. “My dear, I like pink, but you see, the pink color is pale, not seer. I like the white, the more seger and impressed sacred. The symbol of love, he said love is sacred ?? “I rectify. Yup I prefer white roses than other roses, although I love the pink but if roses I just like white.

Love story that remember You

You must remember, about pairing is not just love in words. You demanded his attention, but you did not give your time to him. Moreover, that can show you really love him, if longing Kata kata romantis passionate in his chest you did not finish. You are too preoccupied with your comfort without him, then still you deserve to call love him?

No wonder he wished and made up about you. At times like this, someone else comes to hear the story. Someone else willingly gave his time, as he reached out to lift him in confusion. You call him a traitor, but you are from the beginning. There is nothing you give him, other than love in words without effort.

He is a traitor, then what do you like to be called? Korbankah? After you become the original offender who wants this all with or without you knowing it. Please think more human, human heart is rapidly changing. If you want to keep one heart, keep him with everything you can.

That is sincerity. If you later remain a victim, after all the good things you do for him, that means there will be another heart that really gives his sincere love to you. He is looking at you.

Romansa is not overly exaggerated. In fact, the romance of key ingredients is to review the creates of a successful relationship. Singer Does not Mean You Want to Walk from Under the moonlight OR Dinner WITH accompanied by a dimly lit candle as the Only one for review MAKE YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH YOUR COULD GO TO GO ONLY, Yet Singer Means You Must Understand The Meaning of romance For You Andari as Couple , And Really try to review each other give a wall And affection.

IF YOU WANT A WOMAN And Want industry to know affectionately be shown to your girlfriend before you, just follow these steps initials. Method 1 From 4: Being Creative Lover1 Write “I Love You” That Unexpected Places. Your girlfriend might have predicted that you would write “I love you” from the End of the letter OR Text Message, but surely she would NOT expect it to be written on the mirror or the steamy glass wall she’d seen on taxable income Done sending, OR on the chili sauce the breakfast omelet, OR ON THE Page from the blank book he writes of the discovery of Who will record from the Hearts Class.

Finding Unique and Creative Places for a review to write “I love you” will make it More, Miss You When You Are Not With Him, at the same time FEEL More, romantic because you have taken pains to do Something for a review shows your affection to him. One prayer times-EVERY month, for a review showing affection shown to you is a boyfriend. Do not do Excessive Operations.2Record the SPECIAL songs for her from CDs. A hearts. YOU CAN choose songs that CAN remind them of SPECIAL memories of togetherness, OR songs that really fit with the taste of music combined with songs that you think will be liked.

Do not Record Your Favorite Band Band Songs IF he DOES NOT like it; but IF YOU ARE really the songs That he industry knows to like, Record Only hearts songs ITU CD Then Put CD ON While the player is playing from his car CD he does NOT see it. When giving the player a mobile CD burning device, he will get a Pleasant Surprise. BEFORE YOU do the Singing Thing, make sure that you know the TYPE of music he’s used to hearing, the type of music and songs he has, and which music he likes.