What is Radiology


For some people may not know what is radiology, and some even think it’s related to the usual Radio to listen to favorite songs or radio channels. Hmm, sometimes I personally if I hear it feels ‘jleb’ because it is less popular in the Radiology community, but for most of my friends also know about Radiology.

Okay well now I will discuss a bit about “What is Radiology?” Check this out guys: D Radiology is the science of medicine to see the human body parts using radiation or wave radiation, both electromagnetic waves and mechanical waves. Initially the frequency used is x-ray, but modern technological advances use ultrasonic ultrasonography (ultrasonic scanning) such as ultrasonography (ultrasound) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

Radiology itself is divided into two parts namely Radiodiagnostik and Radiotherapy. What’s the difference ?? Gini, if radiodiagnostic is to diagnose the disease by using x-rays, while Radiotherapy for menterapi or treatment of disease using x-ray radiation.

For example for radiodiagnostik, for example you have an accident and have a broken bone, before the surgery then the doctor told to be rontgen first to mendtahui or mendituosa which part of the bone is broken, well this is called as radiodiagnostik.

As for Radiotherapy for example is for patients who suffer from cancer, in this case the cancer will be turned off by radiation therapy with therapy system or gradually that is by way of irradiation of the object of the affected cancer.

For radiation workers referred to as Radiographers, but for radiotherapy workers referred to as Radiotherapists and for ultrasound workers called Sonografer.

4 benefit papaya leaf

This is the Benefits of Papaya Leaf For Body Health Drug Enhancer Appetite To overcome the problem of lack of appetite, mix fresh papaya leaves with salt and warm water to taste. Mash until smooth then filter the water and drink the filter water. This method can also be used in children who are difficult to eat. Give this appetite enhancing herb 2 – 3 days, not too often. For children, not too much portion. Just 1/4 cup only. Smooth digestion Simply consume this leaf stew or processed into a vegetable stir-fry then you will get the benefit of avoiding the problem of digestive disorders of food. Benefits of papaya leaf for women Especially for women who are menstruating and want to relieve pain easily and safely, try the traditional herbal medicine herbs papaya leaves. Combine 1 sheet of raw papaya leaf, tamarind and salt and then boiled until cooked. Drinking water herbal concoction so that menstrual pain can be reduced. Pregnant women should not consume too much papaya leaf (in any form of preparation) because of the risk of adverse effects on the fetus in the womb. Raw papaya leaf Papaya leaf herb is useful for treating pain during menstruation Eliminate Acne On Faces Natural way to treat acne using this leaf is mashed 2 pieces of old papaya leaves that have been dried before, mix a little warm water then apply the herb on the face of acne. Let stand 20 – 30 minutes and then wash your face with clean water.

Benefits papaya leaf

Many herbal medicine products made from kates leaf with various uses to cure various diseases. A real example of the use of this leaf to address health problems naturally is to reduce menstrual pain, remove acne on the face and so forth.

In addition to its nutritious leaves, papaya fruit also has many benefits to nourish the body and smooth the skin and the seed is useful as a natural material black hair.

Raw papaya leaf
Consumption of papaya leaves is beneficial to the health of the body

Leaves with a distinctive bitter taste is already proven to have usefulness for the health of the body. For those of you who want to consume kates leaves but do not like the taste, following tips easy to remove the bitter taste of papaya leaves.

Choose one of the ways that you find the easiest:
Before boiling, knead the leaves with salt until the kitchen withers and water out.
Boil the kates leaf with guava leaf, use a 3: 10 ratio where 3 papaya leaves are boiled together 10 pieces of guava leaves
Add 1 handful of clay or brick when boiling it. Do not forget to wash after cooking to keep it clean when eaten

Did you know, the bitter taste of papaya leaves is caused by the content of karpain alkaloid compounds?

This bitter-tasting compound has the utility to reduce fever, lower high blood pressure and kill microbes that cause various diseases.

Benefits of soursop leaves

It turns out that this one leaf has multi herbal ingredients benefit as a healthy body penyehat by way of easy enough process that is to use boiled water or can be a practical way of consumption by purchasing the capsule eksra soursop leaves or juice, with a proper dose of drinking water continuously / leaf capsule Soursop proved to be no danger without negative side effects.

This time I will open the horizon of knowledge about the usefulness of herban water boiling soursop leaves for many health purposes such as for the treatment of types of tumors, breast cancer, cervical etc., lung pain, inflammation of the kidney, vaginal discharge, cysts, gout, rheumatism, high blood , Diabetes, cholesterol until it can also be drunk by pregnant and lactating mothers. We will peel one by one, in the end there is a recommendation of the product that is soursop leaf chlorophyll capsules are very practical in consumption … good listening.

Know the content of nutrients and vitamins in soursop leaves.
The content of chemical compounds in soursop leaves tickled many observers of herbal health to dissect it and it is true, soursop leaf has a variety of nutrients for health as well as many positive compounds that proved potent in use as ingredients ingredients many diseases, by way of processing the right, Soursop leaves free of harmful side effects, answering your curiosity about what I am the chemical content of soursop leaves this nutritious nan, here I describe one by one.

Chemical content of soursop leaf plants in general:
In the mature part of the flesh has an organic chemical compound of about 80 percent.
In the outer skin of soursop fruit has a nutritional amount of 20 percent.
In the contents of the seeds have the amount of organic chemical nutrition by 8.5 percent.

At the center of the fruit (core) has a nutrient amount of 4 percent.
Specifically on soursop leaves are more widely used as herbal ingredients is the most important part with many organic chemical compounds with the highest variety of nutrients, especially anti-oxidants and anti-bacteria that can kill cancer cells quickly, here is the nutritional content of leaves and fruit soursop .

Ball skill improvement

While there are no practice exercises that will give you confidence, there are some exercises that can help build your confidence:

1. Practice seeing positive things. When you are alone, try to imagine yourself approaching the goal. Look at the defender you easily miss and your colleagues cheer when you are easy to make a goal By doing this often enough and imagining positive scenarios will fight negative thoughts that may be bothering you to hurt you to score goals.
2. Examine your expectations. If you expect that every shot is the goal that lies ahead, you will feel disappointed and disappointed in every game. Even the best strikers can not score even half of their goals and there is no reason to refrain from doing higher standards. Learning to accept disappointment, a speedy recovery and resume is an important part of playing a game of soccer.
3. Do not be intimidated by your opponents. Goalkeepers and other defensive players tend to be big and muscular and you will fight them every game. While they may look impressive, think they are just football players like you, with the same skills. Intimidation is part of most teams’ team’s defensive strategy, so avoid letting them become so successful in wearing down your confidence.
4. practice your basic skills. Nothing will help your confidence if you really skill use your skills to the fullest. Practice basic skills such as dribbling, passing, kicking and you will feel more confident when it comes time to kick.
5. Create a supportive atmosphere in your team. If you bite a lot of fingers and criticize and criticize in your team, you will have a hard time building your confidence. While you can not control other people’s actions, you can be the one who encourages and fosters a supportive atmosphere in your team. If you are quick to assess your co-workers’ failures, they may be equally critical of you, but if you give them credit from them they will pay them politely they will behave in that way, do not blame each other, but Build motivation in your team.

Goal skills need

Purpose of goal scoring. Everything About Confidence

You have been practicing every day, doing a kick, you sharpen your tens of times into the goal, aiming to sharpen the accuracy of your kick, though you do not seem to aim to score goals. Why your accuracy disappears when playing football, it seems like many other soccer players experience something like this, the main problem is SELF-CONFIDENCE, although confident is not taught in latiihan, but it is a big capital for soccer games, especially in terms of goal scoring … The success of your team in this game may depend on the success of a few seconds. “Crucial two teams full of football players and a large number of watching spectators do not care about past performance or your poor experience when going to score goals but think about , Whether the ball will go in or Lack of a little confidence can cause big problems here.

There are some signs that lack of trust can be a problem for you. First, do you find yourself thinking more about every movement of football as a goal overshadowed closer?

Are you inclined to imagine the ball being lost or captured by the goalkeeper rather than seeing him darting past him?

Do you get physical symptoms, such as abdominal pain, excessive sweating, and nervous shaking as you prepare to shoot? If so, you need to work on your confidence. While there are no practice exercises that will give you confidence, there are some exercises that can help build your confidence:

How To Protect The World From Cyber attack

The world of cybersecurity is like a never-ending pulse. Every time, there is a new threat that has the potential to cause massive losses from the financial side and reputation.
Wall Street Journal Venture Capital Dispatch estimates that the cyber security market will reach US $ 75 billion by 2020. This shows the growing awareness of companies around the world about the importance of protecting their digital assets from the never-ending attacks.

The need for cyber security solutions is also felt by companies in the Asia Pacific region. Unfortunately, the choice of companies in this region is relatively less than other regions. This can not be separated from the fact that many cyber security (keamanan cyber) solution providers do not have product marketing reach to Asia Pacific.

“There are obstacles in terms of language, politics, and the number of countries that require extra effort to serve the Asia Pacific market,” said Ivan Goh.

Opportunities that drive Ivan Goh founded Arim Technologies. In principle, Arim is a company that markets cybersecurity solutions from various companies to the Asia Pacific market. Arim’s preferred solution comes mostly from startup cybersecurity companies such as CheckPoint, Ensilo, or ObserveIT. “We are essentially providing end-to-end cybersecurity solutions,” Ivan said.


On the one hand, Arim Technologies plays like a branch office that markets solutions while protecting intellectual properties (IP) from solution providers. On the other hand, Arim will provide comprehensive services, including support, to consumers.

Ivan himself is not a new name in the field of cybersecurity and enterprise in Asia Pacific. Before setting up Arim, the Singaporean man became the ASEAN Sales Head for the leading CDN company, Akamai Technologies. Previously, he also worked in SAP and Alcatel-Lucent. From that experience, Ivan sees the need for innovative solutions in the field of cybersecurity. “Many companies in Indonesia who do not get a chance to use the latest solutions are actually they need,” Ivan added.

That’s why in 2014, Ivan founded Arim Technologies in Singapore. Then at the end of 2015 yesterday, Arim opened an office in Indonesia in cooperation with PT Network Intech Indonesia. Now the two companies are hand in hand marketing the cybersecurity solution to the Indonesian market.

More lively

There is a reason why Arim chose cybersecurity solutions from startup class companies. “The threat of security will continue to exist and evolve into various forms,” said Ivan. This evolution often requires specific handling and uses the latest technology.

Established security firms already have R & D teams to anticipate those changes, but they are often less rapid in the face of change. No wonder they often acquire smaller security firms to incorporate the latest technology into their portfolio.

This approach is different from the startup cyber security company. Because organizations are more simple, companies like these tend to be agiler in the face of the evolution of security threats. They are also more focused on solving a specific problem-related problem.

Ivan himself does not claim the start-up business cyber security solution is always better than a more established company. “But it could be a solution offered by an established company that is not enough to deal with existing security issues,” added Ivan. At this point, the presence of Arim becomes relevant, which presents an alternative solution that can answer the problems that occur in the company.

Although somewhat new in Indonesia, Ivan see the welcome of consumers in Indonesia to Arim solutions offered is very encouraging. “The solutions we offer always get a positive response from consumers in Indonesia,” said this sympathetic man.


Cyber Securiy Raise on Next 10 Years

Cyber security has evolved dramatically over the last 25 years. At the beginning of its development, the focus is the defense against malware and spam that interfere.

However, with the increasingly rampant world of underground hackers, the ever-changing technology, and the vulnerability caused by unsafe user behavior, has led to a growing number of high-level cyber threats, such as phishing, targeted attacks, mobile malware, and the latest trend is ransomware.

Trend Micro tries to provide XGen Endpoint Security security solution that is claimed to be able to handle various types of malware and security threats, including the latest threats, such as ransomware.


The advantage of this solution is XGen Learning that combines a variety of defense techniques from cross-generational security threats. That way, this solution is able to manage the right technology at the right time so security protection and defense becomes more efficient and effective.

This Trend Micro approach utilizes advanced techniques, such as application control, exploit prevention, behavioral analysis, and machine learning, which makes the identification process for unknown threat types faster and more accurate.

Trend Micro also became the first security vendor to inject “high-fidelity” machine learning on the approach of security techniques-able to analyze files before execution and when executed, using noise cancellation features, such as census checking and whitelisting, so as to minimize the possibility of Error in detection from anti tapping

XGen Learning incorporates a variety of defense techniques from cross-generational security threats.

“XGen’s name represents a powerful cross-generation technology that is our main bullet in applying the security and protection strategy approach, as a result of our long experience in the industry and our commitment to preserving our customers more robust protection against a growing range of threats Heavily evolved, “explains Eva Chen (CEO, Trend Micro).

XGen Endpoint Security is available as part of Trend Micro Smart Protection Suites.

The entire set of solutions is also equipped with capabilities for broad security protection, including security for integrated endpoints, emails, and web gateways designed to reliably protect users in their daily lives, with visibility and centralized controls to support an IT response process that accelerates and Spry.


Prayers Prayed While Implementing Umrah

In performing the Umrah worship, there is much preparation done. One of them is the preparation of faith and taqwa. Before performing Umrah, we usually also do rituals, so we understand exactly what the journey of worship that we will pass. One of the important points of this ritual is the prayer of the Umrah. There are many prayers that must be fulfilled when carrying out a series of Umrah worship.

When manasik or when registering Umrah, usually we will get a prayer book from travel or travel agency that we follow. In the book, there are many prayer groups that we will read during the Umrah trip. All of which are good if memorized, but if it is difficult, we are not forbidden to carry a prayer book as a guide.

The collection of prayers are:

1. Prayer safar or traveling include: prayer out of the house, the prayer while driving, a prayer when he arrived at the destination, the intention of Umrah, shalawat talbiyh prayer, a prayer as he entered the city of Medina, prayer Masjid unlawful entry, prayer see the temple, prayer crossing The grave of Abraham and others.

2. Prayer tawaf include: 1-7 rounds tawaf prayer, the prayer after tawaf, after praying sunnah prayer in maqam Ibrahim, prayer drinking zam-zam water, after praying sunnah prayer mutlaq in Hijr.

3. Prayer Sai include: prayer when about to climb the hill of Safa before starting Sai, Sai prayer before traveling to 1 to 7, prayers at the hill of Marwah after completion Sai.

4. Prayer Pilgrimage in Medina which includes: entrance Nabawi mosque prayers, prayer greeting when in maqam Rsulullah SAW, prayer greetings to Abu Bakr Asshidiq, prayer greetings to Umar, when in raudhah prayer, prayer greeting when he was in Baqi, prayer greeting to Utsman bin Affan, a prayer to Hamzah, a prayer to the martyrs of Uhud, prayer leave Medina, and many more.

Some prayers do not have to be memorized, just read from the book. Reading a prayer book while worshiping is allowed. There are also some very concise umrah prayers and we can memorize. The prayers are:

1. Umrah intentions

2. Prayers or recitations of talbiyah as recited when Hajj

3. Prayer when drinking water zam zam

source : Doa Saat Umroh

The meaning of Hajj

The meaning of Hajj according to language (etymology) is to go to Baitullah (Ka’ba) to perform the worship which has been established or determined by Allah swt.

The term Hajj (terminology) is to go to the holy land (Mecca), to perform tawaf, sa’i and wukuf in Padang Arafah and to observe all the provisions of the pilgrimage in Zulhijah month.

Understanding Umrah according to language (etymology) that is taken from the word “i’tamara” which means visiting. In the Shari’a, umrah means to visit Baitullah (Masjidil Haram) with the aim of getting closer to Allah by fulfilling certain conditions whose time is not specified like the Hajj.

The Law of Hajj and Umrah
The law of performing Hajj is mandatory for every capable Muslim, according to the word of Allah in Surah Ali Imran Verse 97. which means.
Meaning: “There are real signs (among them) maqam Ibrahin, whoever
Enter it (the House) be secure him. Working on Hajj is a human obligation to God, that is, those who are able to travel to the House. Whoever denies (the obligation of Hajj) is indeed Allah Mahakaya (does not require anything) of the universe. “(Surah Ali Imran: 97).

As scholars argue that the umrah law mutahabah means good to do and not obliged. Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad. States the following.
Meaning: Hajj is fardu while umrah is “tatarupu.” (A1 Hadith)


Tatawu means that it is not obligatory, but it is good to get closer to God and to do it more than to abandon it because it has rewards rewards.

Terms, Rukun, Mandatory, and Sunnah Hajj and Umrah
Terms of Hajj
Conditions of pilgrimage is capable (power), Islam, intelligent, balig, merdeka, there is provision, and safe
on the way.


Rukun Haji
The pillars of Hajj are as follows.


Ihram intends to start working on the pilgrimage by wearing a white cloth that is not sewn. This worship begins after arriving at miqat (predetermined boundaries).
Miqat is divided into two namely:

Miqat zamani, which is the time-determined limit. Starting from Shawwal until the dawn of the 10th of Zulhijah. That is, only in that period of pilgrimage can be performed.
Miqat makani ie, the limits that have been set by place. Miqat makani divided
Into several tem- ples as follows.
For those who settled in Mecca, ihram’s intentions were counted from the exit of Mecca.
For people from Medina and beyond, the intention of ihram begins when they reach Dzulhulaifah (Bir Ali).
For people from Sham, Egypt, and westward, start their ihram when they reach Juhfah.
For those who came from Yemen and Hijaz, ihram began after they reached the hill of Qarnul Manazil.
For people from India, Indonesia, and the one country started ihram after they were on the hill of Yalamlam.
For the person who came from the direction of Iraq and the one with it, ihram started from Dzatu Irqin.
Wukuf in Arafat

Wukuf in Arafat is to stop at Padang Arafah since the sun flood on 9 Zulhijah until dawn on the 10th of Zulhijah. Read Oleh Oleh Haji


Tawaf Ifadah

Tawaf ifadah is to surround the Ka’ba 7 times with the following conditions.

1) Sacred of hadas and impure both body and clothing.
2) Close the aurat.
3) The Ka’ba is to the left of the people who surround it.
4) Start the tawaf from the direction of the aswad (black stone) stone located in one corner outside the Ka’ba.

Various kinds of tawaf itself there are five kinds, such as the following.

A) Tawaf qudum is a tawaf performed when it came to Mecca
B) Tawaf ifadah is a tawaf that became the pillars of hajj
C) Tawaf sunna is a tawaf performed solely for the pleasure of Allah.
D) Tawaf vows are tawaf performed to fulfill the vow.
E) Tawaf wada is a tawaaf performed before leaving the city of Mecca