Cyber Securiy Raise on Next 10 Years

Cyber security has evolved dramatically over the last 25 years. At the beginning of its development, the focus is the defense against malware and spam that interfere.

However, with the increasingly rampant world of underground hackers, the ever-changing technology, and the vulnerability caused by unsafe user behavior, has led to a growing number of high-level cyber threats, such as phishing, targeted attacks, mobile malware, and the latest trend is ransomware.

Trend Micro tries to provide XGen Endpoint Security security solution that is claimed to be able to handle various types of malware and security threats, including the latest threats, such as ransomware.


The advantage of this solution is XGen Learning that combines a variety of defense techniques from cross-generational security threats. That way, this solution is able to manage the right technology at the right time so security protection and defense becomes more efficient and effective.

This Trend Micro approach utilizes advanced techniques, such as application control, exploit prevention, behavioral analysis, and machine learning, which makes the identification process for unknown threat types faster and more accurate.

Trend Micro also became the first security vendor to inject “high-fidelity” machine learning on the approach of security techniques-able to analyze files before execution and when executed, using noise cancellation features, such as census checking and whitelisting, so as to minimize the possibility of Error in detection from anti tapping

XGen Learning incorporates a variety of defense techniques from cross-generational security threats.

“XGen’s name represents a powerful cross-generation technology that is our main bullet in applying the security and protection strategy approach, as a result of our long experience in the industry and our commitment to preserving our customers more robust protection against a growing range of threats Heavily evolved, “explains Eva Chen (CEO, Trend Micro).

XGen Endpoint Security is available as part of Trend Micro Smart Protection Suites.

The entire set of solutions is also equipped with capabilities for broad security protection, including security for integrated endpoints, emails, and web gateways designed to reliably protect users in their daily lives, with visibility and centralized controls to support an IT response process that accelerates and Spry.