The meaning of metagenesis

The meaning of metagenesis is the turn of life between generations that multiply in sexual ways and other generations thrive in asexual ways. Generally, the two derivatives differ in their morphology.

Well, now friends all already know what is the word metagenesis this? Well now go directly to the core discussion, the discussion that explains the mutagenesis of nail plants.

Nail Plants

Metagenesis of nail plants
Nail plant is one of the oldest vegetation compared with other plants, this nail plant has existed from the time of Carbon and Devon. This means that this nail plant already exists in the world from 35-300 million years ago.

The fossils of these nail plants produce and fertilize the coal resources that are in the earth.

Nail plants like this we can find and we see everywhere, usually, plants such as nail plants that have a grass-like appearance is like or fond of places that are wet and damp.

This nail plant is one of the most prestigious plants in the tropical and subtropical forests.

Starting from the lowlands up to the highlands such as hills and mountains, some even live on the water, but most of the plants live on land, live on the ground or there are also some attached or involved in other plants.