Prayers Prayed While Implementing Umrah

In performing the Umrah worship, there is much preparation done. One of them is the preparation of faith and taqwa. Before performing Umrah, we usually also do rituals, so we understand exactly what the journey of worship that we will pass. One of the important points of this ritual is the prayer of the Umrah. There are many prayers that must be fulfilled when carrying out a series of Umrah worship.

When manasik or when registering Umrah, usually we will get a prayer book from travel or travel agency that we follow. In the book, there are many prayer groups that we will read during the Umrah trip. All of which are good if memorized, but if it is difficult, we are not forbidden to carry a prayer book as a guide.

The collection of prayers are:

1. Prayer safar or traveling include: prayer out of the house, the prayer while driving, a prayer when he arrived at the destination, the intention of Umrah, shalawat talbiyh prayer, a prayer as he entered the city of Medina, prayer Masjid unlawful entry, prayer see the temple, prayer crossing The grave of Abraham and others.

2. Prayer tawaf include: 1-7 rounds tawaf prayer, the prayer after tawaf, after praying sunnah prayer in maqam Ibrahim, prayer drinking zam-zam water, after praying sunnah prayer mutlaq in Hijr.

3. Prayer Sai include: prayer when about to climb the hill of Safa before starting Sai, Sai prayer before traveling to 1 to 7, prayers at the hill of Marwah after completion Sai.

4. Prayer Pilgrimage in Medina which includes: entrance Nabawi mosque prayers, prayer greeting when in maqam Rsulullah SAW, prayer greetings to Abu Bakr Asshidiq, prayer greetings to Umar, when in raudhah prayer, prayer greeting when he was in Baqi, prayer greeting to Utsman bin Affan, a prayer to Hamzah, a prayer to the martyrs of Uhud, prayer leave Medina, and many more.

Some prayers do not have to be memorized, just read from the book. Reading a prayer book while worshiping is allowed. There are also some very concise umrah prayers and we can memorize. The prayers are:

1. Umrah intentions

2. Prayers or recitations of talbiyah as recited when Hajj

3. Prayer when drinking water zam zam

source : Doa Saat Umroh