Pearls Made with Natural

Although there is still a quest for pearls from nature, but most pearls that are on the market today is the result of human engineering. This technique was invented by the Japanese, Mikimoto at the beginning of the last century. Given so potential pearls that Japan keep this secret until the late 80s. So it is not surprising that Japan expand its business in other countries in the Pacific region and Indian Ocean like Indonesia by using its technology. Nevertheless, Indonesia as a potential cultivation area for almost all pearl shell species has become one of the world’s major pearl producing countries with Japan, China and Australia. kata kata mutiaraThis form of engineering is known as grafting or seeding or implantation, by inserting a nucleus with a mantle organ (another pearl mussel slice known as ‘saibo’) into a pearl shell. This mantle organ is taken by other pearl shell individuals and acts as a donor. Based on the research, the selection of good donors will determine the quality of pearls produced primarily in terms of color, shape and pearl luster. The core and slices of this mantle are placed inside the shell gonad after previously made small wedges on the gonad wall. Sliced ​​meat coat will form a pearl sac (pearl sac) and will produce nacre. This process is known as biomineralization, as well as the process of bone formation in humans and other vertebrate animals. Nacre is a sparkling surface part of a pearl or a sparkling wall in a shell. On the inside of the shell, nacre is termed the Mother of Pearl (mother of the pearl) while the nacre attached to the core is called the pearl. The quality of the resulting nacre becomes a determinant of pearl quality as a whole. The insertion process is a small part of a long sequence of cultivation processes from the determination of the cultivation site to post-harvest handling. The principle of this insertion process is based on how the pearls form naturally where the shell will encapsulate irritant that can not be avoided by nacre. The principle of work is the same when the shells are damaged shells, they will immediately close the hole with nacre so as to prevent the soft body exposed. But so far there is no evidence that natural pearls are formed due to the entry of grains of sand into the shell’s body. A strong assumption that supports the formation of this nacre layer is the presence of a virus as found in some species of pearl shells that are cultivated. The process of making pearls Naturally In nature, pearls are formed by the irritants that enter the pearl shell coat. The phenomenon of the irritant is often also interpreted by the entry of sand or solids into the mantle then this object will be wrapped in nacre so that it becomes a pearl. Theoretically, Elisabeth Strack (deeply embodied in the Pearls of 2006) describes the formation of a natural pearl divided into two large sections, formed by irritants and the entry of solid particles in the mollusk mantle. In principle, pearls are formed because of parts of the mantle’s epithelium that enter into the mantle’s cavity. The epithelium part of this mantle is responsible for removing the nacre on the inside of the shell’s shell as well as forming the entire shell. The irritant theory reveals that at one time the tip of the shell’s mantle is eaten by the fish, this is possible because the shells will open the shell and stick out the mantle to absorb the food. When the mantle is broken, the crust part eptiheliumpun into the mantle cavity. The irritant theory also reveals that pearls may be formed by the entry of worms that normally occupy the molluscs during its development and then move on to other organisms. This worm destroys and enters the mantle cavity. This worm accidentally brought part of the epithelium that is on the surface of the mantle with it. When the worm dies in the mantle cavity, the worm will be wrapped by the epithelium, forming a pearl sac and eventually forming a pearl. Even if the worm can break away, then the epithelium that lives in the mantellah cavity that will form a pearl after previously forming a pearl bag. While the second theory is the entry of solid particles into the mantle cavity. Solid particles may be trapped in the body of the shell as a result of water impulse. When these shells can not get it out, even this particles can get into the mantle cavity. As he enters, the epithelium also comes with him. This epithelium eventually wraps around solid particles to form pearl bags. This pearl bag will eventually mendeposisikan nacre to the solid particles.

However, so far there is no scientific evidence to support the theory of sand entry into the pearl shell coat though theoretical

Romantic Word and What Is It?

What is romantic ?? Romantic is a flow of art that puts the human feeling as the most dominant element. And because love is the most interesting feeling, then the term romantic experiencing a meaning that always connects romantic attribution associated with love.

It is true, because kata kata cintaevery art stream uses the basic elements of love. However, romantic is more familiar with one’s romance relationship. The preferential treatment of loved ones is romantic.

The romantic definition of a relationship for each person is different. Some say getting flowers and poetry from the girlfriend can be said romantic. There is also invited candlelight dinner by the girlfriend every night of the week is a romantic thing.

However, there is also a saying rain-rain together with her boyfriend and then shelter in front of a store that has been closed and just both alone while waiting for the rain to stop it is a romantic thing. For me, romantic relationships are everything each couple does based on a genuine love that is romantic.

Like my boyfriend at valentine last year we were heading for my campus to re-register as a freshman, well all the way to the campus a lot of flower traders found, because that day is a valentine day. Me and boyfriend do not celebrate valentine’s day, because there is no bdanya with other day.

After all, I still go to school, boyfriend also lecture. Suddenly I asked “Hunn, want flowers not? A lot of people who sell flowers want to buy one for you, but you want to? Do you like flowers?” “You’re tuh tuh weird, if emang want to love me flowers ya already wrote aja not need to ask.

Kayak people so you know, if you want to love the flower kepacarnya directly tuh romantic! “I said surprised by the question of girlfriend. Why not directly love ?? Want to like flowers or not, but if it’s a gift from a loving girlfriend. “Well if you do not like the flowers say I already bought flowers.

Wasted! “He said “Yee stingy is just a flower doank. Bizarre guy! “I say, annoyed. “So basically you want to hunn ??? if I want to move ne ne to buy flowers!” He said innocently. “Want deh … hehehehe :)” I said timidly. Why do not you want to try? He never love me flowers because he thinks dear if have to buy flowers, mending buy food or something more useful than flowers that tomorrow also withered.

Bener also hell, but it’s an occasional loss. He said love and affection, but really just a flower one stalk is stingy anyway ??? Finally my boyfriend pulled over his car to one of the roadside merchants. “Mom, one dunk flower. How much does it cost ?? “he asked “10 thousand mas, which one?” Said the florist “Hunn, what color do you want? Pink, white or red?” My boyfriend asked “Yaampun dear, just asked what interest is not now asked what color will be.


Why do not I have my own initiative for love and flowers choose colors? “I said geregetan “Yaa .. than I am choosing mending you choose yourself” he said made me smile. “If you know I know, you know what color dunk I like!” I say all the test. “Bu pink y” he said to the florist after guessing which flowers I like. “My dear, I like pink, but you see, the pink color is pale, not seer. I like the white, the more seger and impressed sacred. The symbol of love, he said love is sacred ?? “I rectify. Yup I prefer white roses than other roses, although I love the pink but if roses I just like white.

Love story that remember You

You must remember, about pairing is not just love in words. You demanded his attention, but you did not give your time to him. Moreover, that can show you really love him, if longing Kata kata romantis passionate in his chest you did not finish. You are too preoccupied with your comfort without him, then still you deserve to call love him?

No wonder he wished and made up about you. At times like this, someone else comes to hear the story. Someone else willingly gave his time, as he reached out to lift him in confusion. You call him a traitor, but you are from the beginning. There is nothing you give him, other than love in words without effort.

He is a traitor, then what do you like to be called? Korbankah? After you become the original offender who wants this all with or without you knowing it. Please think more human, human heart is rapidly changing. If you want to keep one heart, keep him with everything you can.

That is sincerity. If you later remain a victim, after all the good things you do for him, that means there will be another heart that really gives his sincere love to you. He is looking at you.

Romansa is not overly exaggerated. In fact, the romance of key ingredients is to review the creates of a successful relationship. Singer Does not Mean You Want to Walk from Under the moonlight OR Dinner WITH accompanied by a dimly lit candle as the Only one for review MAKE YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH YOUR COULD GO TO GO ONLY, Yet Singer Means You Must Understand The Meaning of romance For You Andari as Couple , And Really try to review each other give a wall And affection.

IF YOU WANT A WOMAN And Want industry to know affectionately be shown to your girlfriend before you, just follow these steps initials. Method 1 From 4: Being Creative Lover1 Write “I Love You” That Unexpected Places. Your girlfriend might have predicted that you would write “I love you” from the End of the letter OR Text Message, but surely she would NOT expect it to be written on the mirror or the steamy glass wall she’d seen on taxable income Done sending, OR on the chili sauce the breakfast omelet, OR ON THE Page from the blank book he writes of the discovery of Who will record from the Hearts Class.

Finding Unique and Creative Places for a review to write “I love you” will make it More, Miss You When You Are Not With Him, at the same time FEEL More, romantic because you have taken pains to do Something for a review shows your affection to him. One prayer times-EVERY month, for a review showing affection shown to you is a boyfriend. Do not do Excessive Operations.2Record the SPECIAL songs for her from CDs. A hearts. YOU CAN choose songs that CAN remind them of SPECIAL memories of togetherness, OR songs that really fit with the taste of music combined with songs that you think will be liked.

Do not Record Your Favorite Band Band Songs IF he DOES NOT like it; but IF YOU ARE really the songs That he industry knows to like, Record Only hearts songs ITU CD Then Put CD ON While the player is playing from his car CD he does NOT see it. When giving the player a mobile CD burning device, he will get a Pleasant Surprise. BEFORE YOU do the Singing Thing, make sure that you know the TYPE of music he’s used to hearing, the type of music and songs he has, and which music he likes.


Kata Kata Bijak Wisdom

Pernahkah Anda bertanya-tanya dari mana kata kata bijak itu berasal dari kata-kata yang Anda dengar orang katakan? Ada penawaran tak berujung dari penawaran dan saran yang akan membantu Anda menjadi bijak dan bahagia. Mari kita lihat beberapa dari mereka dan beberapa sumber mereka.
Cara Memperoleh Kebijaksanaan
Banyak filsuf dan orang bijak selama bertahun-tahun telah menjelaskan bagaimana mendapatkan kebijaksanaan. Anda bisa menemukan kata-kata bijak dalam buku, drama, pidato, dan khotbah.

Jika Anda ingin tahu bagaimana memperoleh kebijaksanaan, inilah contoh saran:

Guru yang memang bijak tidak menawar Anda untuk memasuki rumah hikmatnya tapi malah membawa Anda ke ambang pikiran Anda. – Kahlil Gibran
Saya tidak berpikir banyak tentang orang yang tidak bijak hari ini daripada dia kemarin. – Abraham Lincoln
Orang baik itu baik karena mereka telah mencapai kebijaksanaan melalui kegagalan. Kami mendapatkan sedikit kebijaksanaan dari kesuksesan, Anda tahu. – William Saroyan
Tidak bijaksana untuk terlalu yakin akan kebijaksanaannya sendiri. Adalah sehat untuk diingatkan bahwa yang terkuat mungkin melemah dan yang paling bijaksana mungkin salah. – Mohandas K. Gandhi
Bukannya saya sangat pintar, hanya saja saya tinggal dengan masalah lebih lama. – Albert Einstein
Akulah orang yang paling bijaksana yang hidup, karena aku tahu satu hal, dan bahwa aku tidak tahu apa-apa. – Socrates
Bagaimana Menjadi Bahagia
Apakah Anda ingin tahu kunci untuk menjadi bahagia? Ada banyak orang yang bisa memberi tahu Anda. Tidak ada “rahasia” nyata untuk kebahagiaan; Anda harus mencari tahu apa yang membuat Anda bahagia. Mungkin Anda ingin menemukan jodoh Anda atau hanya ingin tahu bagaimana mendapatkan hasil maksimal dari kehidupan.

Berikut adalah beberapa kata bijak tentang kebahagiaan dari orang-orang terkenal, dan beberapa yang tidak begitu terkenal.

Setiap pagi saat saya membuka mata, saya berkata kepada diri sendiri: Saya, bukan kejadian, memiliki kekuatan untuk membuat saya bahagia atau tidak bahagia hari ini. Aku bisa memilih yang mana jadinya. Kemarin sudah mati, besok belum tiba. Saya baru saja suatu hari, hari ini, dan saya akan bahagia di dalamnya. – Groucho Marx
Jika Anda ingin bahagia, tetapkan tujuan yang memerintahkan pikiran Anda, membebaskan energi Anda, dan mengilhami harapan Anda. – Andrew Carnegie
Kebahagiaan adalah parfum yang tidak bisa dituangkan pada orang lain tanpa sedikit tetes pada diri sendiri. – Ralph Waldo Emerson
Kebahagiaan tidak bisa dilalui, dimiliki, diterima, dipakai atau dikonsumsi. Kebahagiaan adalah pengalaman spiritual hidup setiap menit dengan cinta kasih, anugerah dan syukur. – Denis Waitley
Kebahagiaan muncul saat karya dan kata-kata Anda bermanfaat bagi diri Anda dan orang lain. – Buddha
Kebahagiaan tidak bisa datang dari luar. Itu harus datang dari dalam. Bukan apa yang kita lihat dan sentuh atau apa yang orang lain lakukan untuk kita yang membuat kita bahagia; Itulah yang kita pikirkan dan rasakan dan lakukan, pertama untuk orang lain dan kemudian untuk diri kita sendiri. – Helen Keller
Kata-Kata Bijak untuk Bisnis
Zig Ziglar adalah seorang pembicara motivasi terkenal yang menulis See You at the Top. Dia mencampuradukkan agama dengan gagasan self-help untuk menciptakan kebijaksanaan bagi semua orang. Pesannya bisa membantu Anda di semua bidang; Dari bantuan dengan tujuan bisnis Anda untuk mengelola kehidupan pribadi Anda.

Berikut adalah beberapa kutipannya yang lebih berguna terkait bisnis:

Uang bukanlah hal yang paling penting dalam hidup, tapi cukup dekat dengan oksigen pada skala “harusnya”.
Saya tidak peduli berapa banyak kekuatan, kecemerlangan atau energi yang Anda miliki, jika Anda tidak memanfaatkannya dan memusatkannya pada target tertentu, dan menahannya di sana, Anda tidak akan pernah bisa menyelesaikan sebanyak kemampuan Anda.
Kecuali Anda memiliki tujuan yang pasti, tepat, jelas, Anda tidak akan menyadari potensi maksimal yang ada di dalam diri Anda.
Sikap Anda, bukan kemampuan Anda, yang menentukan ketinggian Anda.
Statistik menunjukkan bahwa ketika pelanggan mengeluh, pemilik bisnis dan manajer harus bersemangat untuk melakukannya. Pelanggan yang mengeluh mewakili peluang besar untuk bisnis yang lebih banyak.
Orang sering mengatakan bahwa motivasi tidak bertahan lama. Yah, juga tidak mandi … itu sebabnya kami merekomendasikannya setiap hari.


10 Way to Get Herbal Health


Herbs are identical with plants that are not woody or shrubs. Herbs are one of the natural ingredients that are used to increase endurance and treat various diseases, ranging from mild disease to severe disease. In medicine, the herbal term has a fairly broad sense, namely all types of plants and parts that contain some active ingredients that can be used as a drug (therapeutic). For example, mengkudu forest (Morinda Centifolia) containing Morindin, anti-cancer active ingredient; Centella Asiatica (Centella Asiatica) containing Asiaticoside which is useful for skin problems and improves IQ; Black cumin (Black Seed) which contains linoleic acid (Omega 6) and linolenic acid (Omega 3) which can improve brain function.

Understanding herbs or herbs in English is a plant or a plant that has a usefulness or value in the treatment. Herbs are sometimes referred to as medicinal plants, so in its development is included as part of one form of alternative medicine.

However, this alternative treatment is even better than synthetic chemical treatment, because this treatment is not familiar with the term side effects. In addition, the content of active substances in herbs is not only cured and overcome the causes of disease, but also increase endurance and health quality of the body, and able to repair damage to existing tissues in our body.

Along with the increasing public awareness of the importance of health, as well as increasing knowledge of herbal medicines, now many business actors engaged in this field, all kinds of plants that contain active substances that are useful for the body processed into various natural herbs as a means to treat various Various diseases as well as a means to increase endurance. Not even a few doctors who recommend to his patients to consume herbal medicines as a means of healing.

Herbal for Diabetes

Diabetes is one of the deadly diseases that can occur when a person’s blood sugar levels are too high. Especially for Indonesia, this disease should get your attention because according to the fact, Indonesia is one of the 10 countries with most diabetics. Diabetes generally has 2 main types, namely, type 1 diabetes and type 2.

Type 1 diabetes is a very rare diabetes, where in 10 people with diabetes, only 1 person suffering from this type 1 diabetes. In this type of diabetes, the body’s immune system will actually attack the pancreatic cells that are useful for producing the hormone insulin. Finally, blood sugar levels become uncontrolled and diabetes occurs.

Type 2 diabetes is a very common diabetes. In fact, about 90% of diabetic patients in the world suffer from type 2 diabetes. Type diabetes is caused by reduced insulin sensitivity by body cells or lack of insulin production. Diabetes is often caused by an unhealthy lifestyle and a wrong diet.


Causes of Diabetes

Diabetes is caused by the inability of the pancreas to produce insulin hormones that are useful for controlling blood sugar levels so that blood sugar levels will soar. There are several factors that can be a source of pancreatic inability to produce insulin hormone, among others are:

Genetic Factors

Diabetes can be caused by heredity, which when you have a family or parents who have a history of diabetes, then, of course, the chances of you get diabetes will also be greater. In addition, according to some studies, people with Asian races are more susceptible to diabetes than other races.
The Wrong Diet
The most common cause of diabetes is an unhealthy diet. Eating sugary foods as well as oily and fatty foods will certainly potentially cause obesity due to an accumulation of fat in the body. Well, the accumulation of these fats will disrupt your body’s metabolic performance, including disturbing the performance of the pancreas in producing the hormone insulin.
Age factor
Can not be denied if diabetes Mellitus disease will be more vulnerable when someone is getting old. This is because when growing older, the frequency of physical activity and exercise will be reduced. Reduced physical activity will certainly make the risk of obesity increases, where later in the body fat will interfere with the performance of the pancreas to produce the hormone insulin. Usually, people over the age of 40 begin to be at risk of developing diabetes if they do not maintain a healthy lifestyle.
Symptoms of Diabetes

Because this disease is one of the deadly diseases, then knowing the symptoms of diabetes and performing treatment steps as early as possible is crucial. Usually, type 1 diabetes symptoms will hit very quickly, whereas type 2 diabetes tends to slow down, so often people do not know that they have diabetes. Here are the common symptoms of diabetes:

Urinate continuously, especially at night.
Often feel thirsty despite drinking various drinks.
Easy to feel tired.
The wound on the skin that never dries up despite being long enough to stick to the skin.
Sudden weight loss for no apparent reason.
Herbal Medicine Diabetes

After knowing the causes and symptoms of diabetes, it is important to take treatment steps early on if you feel you have diabetes. To treat diabetes can be used various herbs that turned out very powerful in curing and preventing diabetes. Here are the types of plants.

Mango Leaf
In addition to the fruit is very delicious to eat, it turns out the leaves of mango will be very useful in overcoming diabetes because:
Mango leaves have tannin compounds that can treat diabetes in the early phases.
Mango leaves contain a Tarak Sero L -3 beta and ethyl acetate compounds that will maintain the amount of insulin hormone production, so that blood sugar levels in the body will be controlled.
Using mango leaves as a natural diabetes remedy is very easy. You simply prepare 2-3 pieces of mango leaves and soaked in a cup of water, then let stand for 12 hours. After that, you can filter the leaves of mango and consume the potion directly every day on a regular basis.

Pegagan Leaves
Leaf pegagan or commonly also called leaf horse or antanan leaves leaf with various benefits for the health of the body, so by ancient society often used as herbal medicine to cure various diseases. Pegagan leaf can be used to overcome diabetes because:
Pegagan leaves also have tannin compounds that can cure diabetes in the early phases

10 Best Radiology Markers Available on Market

Radiology Markers

In the inspection roses, each radiographer must include an appropriate marker and clearly identify the patient’s body part, right side (R) or left (L) of the patient’s body. In radioglast are obliged to include marker correctly as radiology markers of a body part of the patient. A radiographer and physician should see the markers to determine the right limb or body part. The marker itself is usually made of tin and placed directly on the IR. The marker looks opaque (white) on the radiographic image along with the body part being examined. Marking markers should not write “R” or “L” hands on radiographs after processing. However, there are exceptions to the use of markers for certain projections made during the surgical procedure. Often, a radiograph that does not contain markers that lead to accurate or identification of the patient should be repeated. This will harm the patient because it will increase the dose of radiation that will be absorbed by the body. Therefore, a radiographer should really avoid the error of making the radiograph, one of which the use of markers.

In the Radiology examination activity, a marker is one important component in making a radiograph. Common markers are used to indicate “The photographed side”, indicating the position of the object when it is being photographed, or even the sequence and the phases of the shooting is performed.

Picture Marker and Patient Identification

In Radiography there are at least two types of markers or markers that should be printed on a radiograph. The two types of markers include (1) Patient Identity along with date of radiograph manufacture (2) Anatomical Side Marker

Patient Identity Marker and Date of Radiograph Making (On Conventional Film-Screen Cassette System)
In general, the patient information listed is the name, date, photo number, and the name of an agency or hospital name. Usually, this identity marker and date are available on index cards which are then “Photoflash” on the film using the light-based ID-based printer. In general, for this marker is provided a little space on the corner of the end of a conventional cassette that is covered by “Lead Block” in the film holder. Each tape or film holder must have an outside marker indicating or indicating the location of the patient’s marker ID placement, including the date of manufacture of the radiograph.

In making the radiograph, the cassette portion showing the location of the patient’s ID placement should also be noted, so that the area does not cover or disturb the essence of the anatomy to be presented.

radiology markers 2=1

Patient ID Marker Location Locations

In the technique of giving or attaching the marker text, the location of the patient’s marker ID marker also shows a connection to the anatomical portion of the photographed patient. The basic rules for the chest and abdomen are (1) putting the patient ID information at the top of the “Image Receptor” margin for chest examination or “Chests” and (2) for abdominal examination of patient ID information placed at the bottom of “Image Receptor”. This marker or marker always lies in accordance with the body part or essence of the anatomy to be presented.

Anatomical Side Radiology Marker

Radiopaque markers, either Right or Left should always be attached to each radiographic image, and indicate the right or left side of the patient’s body or the part of which body extremities are photographed, Right or Left. The installation of this anatomy side marker may be a full word installation, Right or Left, and can also be installed in the initial “R” or “L”. This anatomical side marker is usually placed directly on the inside of the Image Receptor, or on the “Lateral Portion” in the irradiation field. Please note, the installation of this marker also not to disturb the patient’s anatomy picture presented.

Remember, the Radiopaque Marker should be placed inside the irradiation field, so it can be exposed to the X-ray beam and enter in the radiographing area.

The two markers, both the ID marker and the Date or the anatomy side marker, must be correctly and correctly attached to all radiographic images. In general, it is not justifiable to write information or markers on the radiograph, after the radiograph processing is complete, as this will cause the risk of “Missmarkings”. A radiograph taken or produced without the use of the above two markers allows for repetition of photographs, which only adds a usable radiation dose to the patient.

radiology markers


Additional Marker or Identification

For special inspection, additional markers or identification may also be used, for example

(1) Initial Radiographers, in general, these markers are installed, similar to the installation of R and L markers to show radiographers who make radiographs. Sometimes, the inspection room numbers are also listed.

(2) Time Indicators usually used to record the elapsed time in the examination photo series, for example 1 minute, 5 minutes, 15 minutes and 20 minutes. This series photo is usually done on “Intravenous Urogram” (IVU) checking.

example radiology markers

Some Examples of Commonly Used Marker Markers

(3) Other important markers commonly used in radiographic examination by using decubitus position that serves to show the identification of the top side direction. An “Upright” or “Erect” marker should also be used to identify both chest and abdominal photographs made in an upright position. Because the photo with this upright position will be compared to the photo position “Recumbent” or photo lay. And under certain conditions like this, a top-side direction marker is also installed.

(4) Markers in the form of “Inspiration” (INSP) and “Expiration” (EXP)

Here is some radiology markers that avalaible on the market :

Radiology Markers No Initial

Radiology Markers 1 or 2 Initial


Note: Pictures are not to size.

The picture shown represents the format in which your marker will be made.

This set contains the following:

  • 2 markers (Your choice of 1/2″ R&L, R&R, or L&L)
  • 1 or 2  5/16″ initials or numbers
  • 1 stainless steel ball position indicator surrounded by a lead free alloy ring that is ultrasoniclly sealed
  • Frame is made of polycarbonate
  • A modified hole to attach markers back to back with a lanyard that has a bulldog clip (lanyard sold separately)
  • Back of the marker reads “RETURN TO RADIOLOGY”, “”
  • All characters are made of a lead free alloy encased in clear resin

NOTE: Our lead free alloy IS radiopaque, which means that ALL initials, numbers, and any Motif add-ons WILL show on the film.

NOTE: Adding a copper filter will reduce marker burn-out during high kVp exposures. If using low kVp, marker will appear as a white square without characters on the film due to poor penitration.

NOTE: Lanyard(s) are sold separately.


  • Length — 2-3/16″
  • Width — 7/8″
  • Depth — 1/4″

*All dimensions given are approximate

Radiology Markers Three Initial 

The picture shown represents the format in which your marker will be made.

This set contains the following:

  • 2 markers (Your choice of 1/2″ R&L, R&R, or L&L)
  • 3  5/16″ initials or numbers
  • 1 stainless steel ball position indicator surrounded by a lead free alloy ring that is ultrasoniclly sealed
  • Frame is made of polycarbonate
  • A modified hole to attach markers back to back with a lanyard that has a bulldog clip (lanyard sold separately)
  • Back of the marker reads “RETURN TO RADIOLOGY”, “”
  • All characters are made of a lead free alloy encased in clear resin

NOTE: Our lead-free alloy IS radiopaque, which means that ALL initials, numbers, and any Motif add-ons WILL show on the film.

NOTE: Lanyard(s) and Clasp(s) are sold separately.


  • Length — 2-3/16″
  • Width — 1″
  • Depth — 1/4″

*All dimensions given are approximate

 Set of A WOMAN IS ALWAYS “RIGHT” X-Ray Marker Set Radiology Lead Xray Girl

Rontgen : History of Radiology

Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen, a physicist at the University of Wurzburg, Germany, first discovered Roentgen rays in 1895 while experimenting with cathode rays. At that time he saw the onset of fluorescence coming from barium platinosianida installed in an electrically powered Crookes-Hittorf tube. He soon realized that this phenomenon was a new discovery that he persistently continued his investigation in the following weeks. Shortly thereafter was a ray called a new ray or X-ray. It was not until later that the ray called the rays of Roentgen as a tribute to Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen.

Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen

The discovery of this Roentgen is a revolution in the medical world because it turns out that the findings can be examined parts of the human body that previously could never be achieved by conventional means. One of the visualizations of Roentgen’s findings is a photograph of his wife’s fingers made with portrait paper placed under his wife’s hands and illuminated with the new light.

Roentgen in subsequent investigations soon found almost all the properties of Roentgen rays, namely their physical and chemical properties. But there is one trait that is not until it is known, namely the biological properties that can damage the living cells. The properties Roentgen finds include that these rays move in a straight line, unaffected by magnetic fields and have stronger penetrating power when higher utility voltages are used, whereas among other properties is that these rays blacken the portrait paper. In addition to his wife’s photographs, there were also the first photographs Roentgen had made in metal boxes, including a pistol and a compass.
A year after Roentgen discovered X-rays, Henri Becquerel, in France, pda in 1895 discovered elements of uranium that had almost the same properties. His discovery was announced at the Paris Academy of Sciences congress that same year. Not long after, Marie and Piere Curie discovered the element of thorium early in 1896, while at the end of the same year the couple discovered a third element called polonium in honor of their home country, Poland. Not long after that they discovered a radium element that emits about 2 million times more radiation than uranium.
Both Roentgen, who in the years after his discovery announced everything he knew about X-rays without the slightest gain, nor did Marie and Piere Curie do the same, receiving the Nobel Prize. Roentgen received in 1901, while Marie and Piere Curie in 1904. In 1911, Marie once again received the Nobel Prize for his research in chemistry. This is the only occasion in which a person gets a Nobel Prize twice. After that, Marie and Piere Curie’s son Irene Curie was also awarded a Nobel Prize in chemistry research with her husband, Joliot in 1931.
As is often the case with new discoveries, not everyone welcomes them with good responses. There are those who are not happy, instead showing excessive negative reactions. A night newspaper in London even said that the new ray that allows people to see other people’s bones as if stripped naked as an impolite. Therefore, it urges all civilized countries to burn all of Roentgen’s works and punish the discoverer’s death.
Another company in London advertises the sale of X-ray-proof pants and skirts, while in New Jersey, the United States, a legal provision prohibits the use of X-rays in operatic glasses. Fortunately these negative voices soon drifted in overflow of praise to the inventor of this ray, which then turned out to be truly a revolution in medical science.
As mentioned above, Roentgen discovers almost all of the physical and chemical properties of the rays he knows, but what is not yet known is his biological nature. This new tattoo is known only a few years later when it appears that the skin can be colored due to irradiation Roentgen. From then on, many scholars have hoped that this ray can also be used for treatment. But at that time it was unthinkable that this ray could harm and damage human life cells. But over time, in the first and second decades of the 20th century, there were many pioneers of Roentgen ray users who became victims of this ray.
Biologic abnormalities caused by Roentgen is in the form of damage to living cells that in its level just a change of color until blackened skin, even sa

What is Radiology


For some people may not know what is radiology, and some even think it’s related to the usual Radio to listen to favorite songs or radio channels. Hmm, sometimes I personally if I hear it feels ‘jleb’ because it is less popular in the Radiology community, but for most of my friends also know about Radiology.

Okay well now I will discuss a bit about “What is Radiology?” Check this out guys: D Radiology is the science of medicine to see the human body parts using radiation or wave radiation, both electromagnetic waves and mechanical waves. Initially the frequency used is x-ray, but modern technological advances use ultrasonic ultrasonography (ultrasonic scanning) such as ultrasonography (ultrasound) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

Radiology itself is divided into two parts namely Radiodiagnostik and Radiotherapy. What’s the difference ?? Gini, if radiodiagnostic is to diagnose the disease by using x-rays, while Radiotherapy for menterapi or treatment of disease using x-ray radiation.

For example for radiodiagnostik, for example you have an accident and have a broken bone, before the surgery then the doctor told to be rontgen first to mendtahui or mendituosa which part of the bone is broken, well this is called as radiodiagnostik.

As for Radiotherapy for example is for patients who suffer from cancer, in this case the cancer will be turned off by radiation therapy with therapy system or gradually that is by way of irradiation of the object of the affected cancer.

For radiation workers referred to as Radiographers, but for radiotherapy workers referred to as Radiotherapists and for ultrasound workers called Sonografer.

4 benefit papaya leaf

This is the Benefits of Papaya Leaf For Body Health Drug Enhancer Appetite To overcome the problem of lack of appetite, mix fresh papaya leaves with salt and warm water to taste. Mash until smooth then filter the water and drink the filter water. This method can also be used in children who are difficult to eat. Give this appetite enhancing herb 2 – 3 days, not too often. For children, not too much portion. Just 1/4 cup only. Smooth digestion Simply consume this leaf stew or processed into a vegetable stir-fry then you will get the benefit of avoiding the problem of digestive disorders of food. Benefits of papaya leaf for women Especially for women who are menstruating and want to relieve pain easily and safely, try the traditional herbal medicine herbs papaya leaves. Combine 1 sheet of raw papaya leaf, tamarind and salt and then boiled until cooked. Drinking water herbal concoction so that menstrual pain can be reduced. Pregnant women should not consume too much papaya leaf (in any form of preparation) because of the risk of adverse effects on the fetus in the womb. Raw papaya leaf Papaya leaf herb is useful for treating pain during menstruation Eliminate Acne On Faces Natural way to treat acne using this leaf is mashed 2 pieces of old papaya leaves that have been dried before, mix a little warm water then apply the herb on the face of acne. Let stand 20 – 30 minutes and then wash your face with clean water.

Benefits papaya leaf

Many herbal medicine products made from kates leaf with various uses to cure various diseases. A real example of the use of this leaf to address health problems naturally is to reduce menstrual pain, remove acne on the face and so forth.

In addition to its nutritious leaves, papaya fruit also has many benefits to nourish the body and smooth the skin and the seed is useful as a natural material black hair.

Raw papaya leaf
Consumption of papaya leaves is beneficial to the health of the body

Leaves with a distinctive bitter taste is already proven to have usefulness for the health of the body. For those of you who want to consume kates leaves but do not like the taste, following tips easy to remove the bitter taste of papaya leaves.

Choose one of the ways that you find the easiest:
Before boiling, knead the leaves with salt until the kitchen withers and water out.
Boil the kates leaf with guava leaf, use a 3: 10 ratio where 3 papaya leaves are boiled together 10 pieces of guava leaves
Add 1 handful of clay or brick when boiling it. Do not forget to wash after cooking to keep it clean when eaten

Did you know, the bitter taste of papaya leaves is caused by the content of karpain alkaloid compounds?

This bitter-tasting compound has the utility to reduce fever, lower high blood pressure and kill microbes that cause various diseases.