10 Way to Get Herbal Health



Herbs are identical with plants that are not woody or shrubs. Herbs are one of the natural ingredients that are used to increase endurance and treat various diseases, ranging from mild disease to severe disease. In medicine, the herbal term has a fairly broad sense, namely all types of plants and parts that contain some active ingredients that can be used as a drug (therapeutic). For example, mengkudu forest (Morinda Centifolia) containing Morindin, anti-cancer active ingredient; Centella Asiatica (Centella Asiatica) containing Asiaticoside which is useful for skin problems and improves IQ; Black cumin (Black Seed) which contains linoleic acid (Omega 6) and linolenic acid (Omega 3) which can improve brain function.

Understanding herbs or herbs in English is a plant or a plant that has a usefulness or value in the treatment. Herbs are sometimes referred to as medicinal plants, so in its development is included as part of one form of alternative medicine.

However, this alternative treatment is even better than synthetic chemical treatment, because this treatment is not familiar with the term side effects. In addition, the content of active substances in herbs is not only cured and overcome the causes of disease, but also increase endurance and health quality of the body, and able to repair damage to existing tissues in our body.

Along with the increasing public awareness of the importance of health, as well as increasing knowledge of herbal medicines, now many business actors engaged in this field, all kinds of plants that contain active substances that are useful for the body processed into various natural herbs as a means to treat various Various diseases as well as a means to increase endurance. Not even a few doctors who recommend to his patients to consume herbal medicines as a means of healing.

Herbal for Diabetes

Diabetes is one of the deadly diseases that can occur when a person’s blood sugar levels are too high. Especially for Indonesia, this disease should get your attention because according to the fact, Indonesia is one of the 10 countries with most diabetics. Diabetes generally has 2 main types, namely, type 1 diabetes and type 2.

Type 1 diabetes is a very rare diabetes, where in 10 people with diabetes, only 1 person suffering from this type 1 diabetes. In this type of diabetes, the body’s immune system will actually attack the pancreatic cells that are useful for producing the hormone insulin. Finally, blood sugar levels become uncontrolled and diabetes occurs.

Type 2 diabetes is a very common diabetes. In fact, about 90% of diabetic patients in the world suffer from type 2 diabetes. Type diabetes is caused by reduced insulin sensitivity by body cells or lack of insulin production. Diabetes is often caused by an unhealthy lifestyle and a wrong diet.


Causes of Diabetes

Diabetes is caused by the inability of the pancreas to produce insulin hormones that are useful for controlling blood sugar levels so that blood sugar levels will soar. There are several factors that can be a source of pancreatic inability to produce insulin hormone, among others are:

Genetic Factors

Diabetes can be caused by heredity, which when you have a family or parents who have a history of diabetes, then, of course, the chances of you get diabetes will also be greater. In addition, according to some studies, people with Asian races are more susceptible to diabetes than other races.
The Wrong Diet
The most common cause of diabetes is an unhealthy diet. Eating sugary foods as well as oily and fatty foods will certainly potentially cause obesity due to an accumulation of fat in the body. Well, the accumulation of these fats will disrupt your body’s metabolic performance, including disturbing the performance of the pancreas in producing the hormone insulin.
Age factor
Can not be denied if diabetes Mellitus disease will be more vulnerable when someone is getting old. This is because when growing older, the frequency of physical activity and exercise will be reduced. Reduced physical activity will certainly make the risk of obesity increases, where later in the body fat will interfere with the performance of the pancreas to produce the hormone insulin. Usually, people over the age of 40 begin to be at risk of developing diabetes if they do not maintain a healthy lifestyle.
Symptoms of Diabetes

Because this disease is one of the deadly diseases, then knowing the symptoms of diabetes and performing treatment steps as early as possible is crucial. Usually, type 1 diabetes symptoms will hit very quickly, whereas type 2 diabetes tends to slow down, so often people do not know that they have diabetes. Here are the common symptoms of diabetes:

Urinate continuously, especially at night.
Often feel thirsty despite drinking various drinks.
Easy to feel tired.
The wound on the skin that never dries up despite being long enough to stick to the skin.
Sudden weight loss for no apparent reason.
Herbal Medicine Diabetes

After knowing the causes and symptoms of diabetes, it is important to take treatment steps early on if you feel you have diabetes. To treat diabetes can be used various herbs that turned out very powerful in curing and preventing diabetes. Here are the types of plants.

Mango Leaf
In addition to the fruit is very delicious to eat, it turns out the leaves of mango will be very useful in overcoming diabetes because:
Mango leaves have tannin compounds that can treat diabetes in the early phases.
Mango leaves contain a Tarak Sero L -3 beta and ethyl acetate compounds that will maintain the amount of insulin hormone production, so that blood sugar levels in the body will be controlled.
Using mango leaves as a natural diabetes remedy is very easy. You simply prepare 2-3 pieces of mango leaves and soaked in a cup of water, then let stand for 12 hours. After that, you can filter the leaves of mango and consume the potion directly every day on a regular basis.

Pegagan Leaves
Leaf pegagan or commonly also called leaf horse or antanan leaves leaf with various benefits for the health of the body, so by ancient society often used as herbal medicine to cure various diseases. Pegagan leaf can be used to overcome diabetes because:
Pegagan leaves also have tannin compounds that can cure diabetes in the early phases